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BSI Personnel specializes in the recruitment of skilled staff from Poland on a temporary and permanent basis.

For the above professions we operate an extensive database, which allows a fast search for suitable applicants to any job offer. In addition, we also look for staff on professional recruitment portals. All applicants are checked for language ability, qualifications and references. All CVs are provided to clients with a quick summary of the applicants' profiles.
We pride ourselves in offering a complete service, including recruitment, travel to the client and on-going contact and problem resolution throughout the duration of the employment contract.

Temporary staff are employed in Poland, with Polish tax and social security rates. As these are lower than in many Western European countries, this allows us to be competitive whilst still maintaining full compliance with EU directives 2014/67/UE and 96/71/WE.

If you are looking for personnel, please send us an enquiry stating the type quantity of workers you are looking for, and we will contact you as soon as possible with a quote.

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